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Transplantation Vascular Surgery

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The Department of Transplantation & Vascular Surgery is a specialized area of surgery that deals with vascular diseases and organ transplant through vascular surgery. It includes:



Vascular diseases
1. Abdominal aortic aneurysm 
2. Artery occlusion 
3.Aortoiliac occlusion
4. Hypertension by renal artery stenosis
5.Visceral Ischemic Syndromes
6. Buerger'sdisease
7.Raynaud's syndrome 
8.Saphenous vein of leg
9.Chronic venous insufficiency
10. Lymphedema
11.Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) 
12.Diabetic foot
13. Vascular malformation 
14.Portal hypertension
15. Ascitesby liver cirrhosis
16. Arteriovenousfistula surgery for dialysis
17. Insertion of central venous catheters for curing cancer
18. Traumatic vascular damage 
19. Limb amputation
20. Treatment of complications occurring after existing vascular surgery and operation
21. Cellulitis
22. Vasculitis



Organ transplant
1. Kidney
2. Pancreas
3. Small intestine
4. Liver
5. Patients who underwent organ transplant in China


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