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Pediatric Surgery

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Pediatric surgery is a specialized field that focuses on surgery for children and teenagers under the age of 15 with congenital malformations (anorectalmalformation, congenital megacolon, biliaryatrsia, congeniraldiaphragmatic hernia, intestinal atresiaetc), hernia, pediatric trauma, tumor, and organ transplant. Children are not small adults. Children in the process of development are in the special situation different from adults, requiring more detailed treatment and care, especially for new born and premature babies.


Department of pediatric surgery at Korea University AnamHospital uses high-tech treatment methods such as laparoscope, robots and performs minimal invasive surgery to minimize the operative trauma and scars and accelerate the healing process for young patients.


Day-care surgery center is available for children having minor surgery like hernia so that we are able to eliminate the need of hospitalization of patient and also provide a more comfortable treatment process for both the patients and their parents.


Effectively organized cooperation of medical staffs from other specialized pediatric departments have also assembled a system to oversee the patient in a more diverse perspective.

Physician’s & Schedule

  • Oh Chae-youn


    Pediatric Surgery


    Pediatric hernia , Congenital anorectal malformation (breakdown) , Megacolon congenitum , Congenital bile duct cyst , Biliary atresia , Duodenal/small intestine obstruction , Esophageal obstruction , Pediatric Benign Tumor , Pediatric malignant tumor , Ovarian tumor , Cervical tumor , Thyro Glossal Duct Cyst , frenulum, , Hemangioma , Lymphatic cyst , Skin furuncle , Torticollis

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