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Gastroenterology & Hepatology

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The Department of Gastroenterology has played leading role in developing an endoscope used to diagnose a disease into a curing instrument. We caught national eyes in 1982 when we used an endoscope for the first time in Korea to cure a patient with gastric varix. In 1984, we introduced endoscopic treatment for early-stage stomach and esophagus cancer. In 1992, we developed a new treatment of gastric fundicvarixusing an endoscope and has so far succeeded in about 90% of cases.


Endoscopic SubmucosalDissection (ESD), which is widely hailed as the latest treatment of early-stage stomach cancer, was first introduced in mid 1990s by Korea University AnamHospital. The Department of Gastroenterology was the first to introduce a capsule endoscope in 2002 in Korea. We use it to diagnose small intestinal diseases such as unidentified enterohemorrhage, ulcer, and inflammatory intestine troubles which cannot be diagnosed with a common endoscope.


We also try to treat liver cancer that is the most common cancer in Korea. Recently, we introduced the liver fiberizationtest to evaluate an exact state of chronic liver diseases and adopt tailored therapies for liver cancer patients, using high frequency therapy, cryotherapy, and radiation therapy.


In the department, there are about 20 medical experts on gastric diseases including endoscope, liver diseases and pancreas diseases.

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